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1.8 blocks can now be used!
All 1.8 blocks are now usable in only Creative. If you would like to join creative, you must be on "Version 1.8." If you are not on 1.8, it will give you an error to join the server - "Please update your client." If there are any bugs, please report them in the "Creative Discussion" forums.

Examples of 1.8:
Banners: /

Comments and/or Concerns: We hope you enjoy GlobalCraft Creative 1.8 users!
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Gladaitor and Overlord new names!
-> [Gladiator] is now [Elite]
-> [OverLord] is now [Legend]

Comments and/or concerns:
Nothing changed about these names, just the names and kit names!

Note: If you are missing your rank, comment below your Minecraft name, rank, and server you are missing it on; I will check right away! (If I like your post, you should have your rank/perms back)
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Listen up staff!
Banning multiple people on servers can be a pain for the staff. We have upgraded our banning system. Some of use forget to put a reason, or ban by who, ect ect. For now on, our staff members just need to /ban <player> <reason> - and the rest of the information, such as, ban by who and ban appeal message. If our staff has a legit reason to ban a player, they can just do /ban <player> Hacking! This is just an example. Take a look at the screen shots below to get a visual on what it will look like when we now ban players.

Perm ban player:

Temp ban player:

Things staff should know:
If you want to tempban a player, just type "/tempban" in chat to get how to do it. Example of temp banning a player with the command: /tempban AverageAllan 30 seconds...
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Cover up those chests!
Chests, dispensers, furnaces, brewing stands, and beacons can all be "accessible" in any territory. NO - THIS DOES NOT MEAN PLAYERS CAN "MINE" THEM IN YOUR TERRITORY! If a player gets in your base, and your chest is not covered with a block (examples down below) they can open it, not mine it. So make sure you use your faction strategies to help prevent getting raided!

Example of GOOD chest:

Example of BAD chest:

Notes and/or Concerns:
Please make a thread if you have any suggestions on Factions.
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What are potion staffs?
Potion staffs are craftable potion effect staffs players can use. Each staff crafted will have 10 uses. There are a bunch of different staffs that can be crafted. Get more information at /warp staffs on Factions

Example of a staff:

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
Regen I-----Regen II-----Speed I-----Speed II
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]...
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Mob arena for Factions class ideas!
We need your guys' help with helping us what to pick in kits. Kits cannot have "potion effects" on the character. They are all going to be splash/drink potions, so keep that in mind! Also, type "/events" to get an idea on what the mob arenas are.

Current Classes:
- Knight
- Archer
- Soldier
- Hunter
- Lumberjack
- Tank
- Scout
- Chemist

What should be in these kits?
Help us decided! Just comment down below a kit name and what should be in them. All help on these kits are appreciated!
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What is Player GUI Shops?
Players can now have their own virtual shops! This is just another way to "auction" items, just with a shop. If you would like to use the shop, use "/shop" in-game to pull up your shop. If you would like to sell an item in your shop, use "/sell <price>" while having the item in your hand! For example: Have a Diamond Sword (Enchanted with sharpness 1 knockback 2) - and if you would like to sell this, just type /sell <price> (example: /sell 500 to sell it for $500). If a player does /shop <your name>, they will be-able to see the diamond sword you have put in your shop for $500. If the player is interested in buying your item (you can be online or offline) they can buy it either/or if they have enough money at any time. Once the player has purchased your item from your shop, it will turn into a piece of paper named "Item Sold" - Once the shop owner clicks that, they will claim there money for selling that item!...
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I explained everything here:

Just letting people know who missed the videos I used to do:
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KitPvP is now open with more kits and features!
Some new kits now have "effects," such as poison, wither, slowness, and many other. Use the "Kit Selector" or item frame to pick a kit. The "In-Game Buyable Kits" section is where players can buy other kits for $2 or $4 in-game cash. Each kill you get, you will earn $5 to your account. We now have 5 donator ranks available ($5, $10, $15, $20, and $30) - All kits are rather equal, so everyone still has a chance to fight! We also have the 1vs1 system.

Comments and/or concerns:
If you have any questions or find a bug/glitch on KitPvP, please make a thread in this section "KitPvP Duscussion" - do not comment on this thread a "bug/glitch" - it will be deleted; make a new thread!
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Someone really doesn't like Global:
Global has been getting constantly "lagged" or "ddosed" for weeks now. Someone has been making it lag for almost a month now. As you can see, Global is currently down (11/5 - 4:00 PM EST). While the lagger hits the server, it can be a big hit or a little hit. This time.. it's a big hit. The multicraft (console) is down and there is absolutely nothing I can do to resolve this issue. The only way to resolve this issue is contacting the host and having them send a ticket. Another way is just letting the attack run out of time. So for those who see this message, tell a fellow Global player on why the server is currently down.