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In-Game Buyable Kits:
- Added 'kit drugdealer' (Right click cactus to gain speed and jumpboost for 10 seconds with a 20 second cooldown. This kit also comes with a sharpness 1 stone sword and full inventory of soup.

In Premium Section:
- Removed 'kit terrorist' and replaced it with 'kit switcher'

In Elite Section:
- Moved 'kit switcher' to Premium and replaced it with 'kit fisherman'

In Platinum Section:
- Fixed 'kit luckyhit' (now has enchanted armor and soup)
- Replaced 'kit endermage' with 'kit jedi' (more info in-game)

Comments and/or Concerns:

Note: I may also add a "/kitprev (kitname)" that will open a GUI of...
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Adding OITC:
So I recently added One In The Chamber (OITC) to PvPFest for events. With OITC, it will keep track of Kills, Wins, "Coins," and Played. Each week we will try our best to host a game event. Each week we will also try our best to have a different map playable. To ever join an OITC game, just use /oitc (or /menu) and click on the blue wool that represents "One In The Chamber." This will automatically out you in a game. Each game will be-able to hold around 25-30 people, but a minimum of 2. Like I said, we can have this for events, or even as a mini-game (kinda like Mob Arena on Factions).

More about OITC:
- Each player gets the same items.
- Default stone sword if you run out of arrows.
- 1 Bow, 1 arrow on spawn.
- Kill people to get arrows.
- An arrow is a 1 hit kill from anywhere, any damage.
- Each player will get 8 lives (maybe...
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Right! As I'm sure a lot of you are aware myself and @edcave456 have held a build competition in the past, and it was a great success - until we got bored.

However, this time it's different! Shortly after the first build competition we composed our build team, consisting of myself, Ed, and Rivitt. Team PH! We have been challenged to our first 'build competition' by Team Nexus consisting of @diamondoj and @Primary2013.

We need your guy's help to decide on a theme and/or style of what we are to build! You can vote on more than one option, so pick your favourites!

Everyone is invited to follow the progress, as it will be held on creative over the corse of 1 week starting on this coming saturday, the 24th of January, running until the following saturday. There will also be a warp to the area so that you can check it out even when we're not online and busy.

I hope everyone enjoys the competition, and best of luck to our rivals!
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Survival has a few new features!
We added some new features to Survival, so please leave feedback on them. We can always revamp, change any of these actions if you guys would like. Features down below.

Gold economy:
- Sell gold for in-game cash.
- Makes gold have a better purpose.
- Gold is the main mining resource for money.
- Must be smelted down gold ore.
- Sell gold at /warp sell.

Player Shops:
- We have this on PvPFest, Factions, and Skyblock.
- Players can now sell extra/non-needed items to other players.
- Sell items by doing <sell> price - with the item in your hand.
- Every time an item of yours sells, you will be notified in-game if logged in.
- Check your own shop with /shop.
- Check others with /shop <playername>.
- Any sold item in your shop will turn into an "empty map."
- Click on the empty map to get claim your profit.
- Donors have access to bigger...
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What's in-front of my rank/name?
I have been working on a Levels plugin for a while now, and now it's done and filly configed. Players will see [0] in front of their name (unless they rank up, it will change by 1). Use "/stats" in-game to get a look at it. I was getting a lot of questions on what is the point of this on PvPFest, but it just brings out on how much you PvP. More information down below.

What is the point?
- Keep track of score (to rank up)
- Keep track of points (kinda like score)
- Keep track of killstreaks
- Earn in-game cash every level up (10 kills)
- Every death will cause you to loose 0.5 score (need 10 score/kills to rank up)
- Activate personal boosters or global boosters
- Check other player stats (not...
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So a lot of people have messaged me about this so I've decided to give everyone a chance to vote.

So guys how about a warp pvp? (only pvp will be enabled here no where else)
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Current Promoted Staff
1) Sassukke > Head-Admin :cool:
2) ArmedResistnce > Admin :cool:
3) EdCave456 > Admin :cool:
4) Ta1ented_Elite > Head-Mod :cool:
5) xPieLover101x > Moderator :cool:

Comments and/or Concerns:
Thanks for all of the current staff we have, and hopefully you will be promoted next! Getting promoted takes time and dedication to the server, therefore we thank you for sticking with us. Also another thanks to all of the players, we are reading applications and plan on recruiting some Trial-Mods within the few days or so. Enjoy the server!

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Teleport menu upgraded!
The "Teleport Menu" (compass) has been upgraded. Just right click the compass in Hub to check out the new layout! :)

New Compass Layout Picture:

New Game Mode?
As you see in the compass, there is a "Capture The Wool" (bow) game mode type. We were thinking about adding a custom "CTW" plugin. This game mode will have 2 different teams (Red and Blue) - The objective is to basically get the other teams wool (like CTF). More information on it will be released if we decide to make the server!
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Server is back up!
Sorry for the downtime, but Global is back up and running smoothly. If you guys have any suggestions on what we could add the servers, leave a thread! :)

Quick Notes:
Everyone who had separate kits for each server will be getting those later tonight/tomorrow (EST). We recently added a new kit for Skyblock called "Villager" - which will be meant for player trading if we do add that. This will give the player a Villager Egg, which can be used for custom trading (with a chest and using your items). If you plan on donating for this kit, please don't donate for it yet, we will have a message in the homepage once the kit is 100% done.
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Why is the server down?
The server is currently down. There are various reasons the server may be down that we do not have the answer too. As of right now, the server may be offline for a few more hours. If it is not backup within 10-12 hours (EST), I will get more information for those of you who would like it. Remember to check back up on the website later for more information!

Comments and/or Concerns:
Thanks for those who understand why the server is down right now. Hopefully we will be back up within a few hours (or tomorrow EST time) - Note: The server is getting more populated ever since we released Survival so for that, we thank you.