by Sasuke at 3:52 AM
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Hey guys this is something I've been wanting to do but haven't had time to right but now I do, haha.

I'm going to start this off with saying sorry upfront to everyone on the server. (even including people I don't get long with that much)

I know I'm a dick to people, I know sometimes that I don't deserve the Admin title. I honestly think I was a lot kinder to players when I was a Moderator in 1.6.

From now on I want to start trying to act more kind and start using less profanity in the chat. I'm not going to be perfect, nobody ever is. Though I'm going to try stop acting like a dick in chat.

I know I go off and talk shit to people that start talking shit to me. That'd be alright if I was a member, but I'm a staff member, it isn't going to make the chat look to bright and make new players and maybe even new donors think that the staff are unfriendly and they'll quit the server.

From now on I'm just going to start muting people that are talking shit to the staff and sometimes to...
by AverageAllan at 4:33 PM
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Should all players take fall damage?
by AverageAllan at 12:32 AM
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Everyone thank rivitt for making this awesome promo video!
by AverageAllan at 7:06 PM
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I would just like to thank everyone for sticking to Global. Thank you for the guys who give good advice, or bad advice. Positive comments, or negative comments - thank you. All positive comments towards Global really does help the server. If you don't like something about the server, just say it on the website, not in-game. If you don't like the server at all, please feel free to leave. This is a minecraft server, not your life. I would love more people on Global, of course! Some of you guys may know the amount of stress owning a server takes, most if you probably don't. I'll be leaving for college the first week of September. Global is of course going to still be up! I plan on paying for advertising on the front pages of minecraft websites, and maybe even getting a few YouTubers i got to know recently. Anyway, i would just like to thank everyone once again. The donations, the players, everything. Remember... it's just a game.
by AverageAllan at 4:01 PM
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Hey I might start posting some common and/or unknown good bukkit plugins. What do you guys think?
by AverageAllan at 4:36 PM
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If you want to use the code, add what you want to buy in your cart. Once added it will say "Redeem coupons" Type in SUMMER and click Redeem and it will say 10.00% discount which means it will work. This is just a little extra discount I wanted to do.
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BETA testing is now available for prison. No donator permissions are done yet, so please be patience for those. The testing for prison is mainly to test permissions, regions, pvp, mines and shops. /rankup does not work for prison currently. We are working on fixing /rankup - its just BETA. Prison is open and available to play on for all players. Nothing will be reset once prison is out of BETA.