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Factions is now open!

Factions is more "OP" from adding better things to start kits, member kits, and donor kits. Factions does not have "bedrock bases." We infact got old plugins we used to have on old factions. Some plugin examples are listed down below:

Things added:
- Obsidian Destroyer (5 direct tnt hits will blow up a radius us 2-4, breaking 2-4 blocks). TNT also breaks enchantment tables, anvils, enderchests, and just overall chests. The drop for blowing up one of these items are 40%-60%).
- Monster Spawners back in shop (shop is not done, but will be soon)!
- More stabilized economy. ^
- Custom Enchants (9 of then | more info in another Factions thread).
- World Border is 7,500 x 7,500
- Nether Border...
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Public 'Plug DJ' Server Available 24/7!
What is Plug DJ? is an interactive online social music streaming website. Join in on the party and listen to awesome music with other GlobalCraft players! Take turns sharing your favorite music!

Things to know:
- Register an account.
- Make/find a playlist (name it).
- Click on 'Click to DJ'.
- One if your playlist songs will play (in order).
- After your song is up (if someone is on waiting list) it will play them next.
- Each DJer can only play 1 song at a time. ^
- Don't do troll songs/videos (you will be skipped).
- Chill out to earn XP and level up.

Why add...
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Added 'TNTRun' to Skyblock!

What is TNTRun? I'm sure most of you know, but here is a little explanation of what it is. Players start on layer of blocks and every block that they step on dissapears. If player falls through the hole he loses the game. The last player alive wins the game.

How do I join an arena?
- /menu (or /tntrun)
- TNT Run (tnt block)
- Select an arena (item)
Note: It will empty your inventory, but you will NOT lose any items! Once the arena is 100% finished, it will teleport you to your previous location with items all returned.

Why add TNTRun?
TNTRun is just a fun mini-game to play if you don't feel...
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What are more enchants?

Factions now has more custom enchants all players can randomly get in the enchant table (along with the other vanilla enchants). There are 11 custom enchants any player can get. Each custom enchant has levels just like other enchants. Example) A new enchant is "Ice Aspect" and you can either get this enchant level I or level II.

How do I get these enchants?
Any player has a chance to get these enchants on a regular enchantment table. Keep in mind: You must be level 20+ to get any of these enchants on your sword, bow, and/or armor. Players can get more than 1 enchant on 1 single enchant (all just depends on luck). You can only get these anvils in an enchantment table, anvils, and/or a book (enchantment table preferably). Example of a custom enchant down below:...
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KitPvP is open for testing!

We now offer 3 maps to chose from: Colosseum, Biomes, and Modern (current map). When spawned into KitPvP, you will be teleported to the main spawn where you can pick an arena to play, get more info regarding commands, donation info, and the portal back to /hub.

Arena Info:
• Colosseum (not done)
• Biomes (done) - Only kits allowed to be used in this arena is the starter kits: Knight, Archer, and Soldier). If you try to get any other kit, it won't allow you. If any player bypasses using another kit in this arena, they will be punished.
• Modern (done, current map). I'm sure most of you know this map. This map was built by @Ed_ and it has been the kitpvp map for a while now. Nothing has changed about it other than the spawn.

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Improved some things for /stats and a new /topstats!
As most of you know, there is a level next to your rank, looking like this: "[4] [Owner] Venman: Wow, my level is so high." Stats have always indicated the players level, score, killstreak, Multiplier bonus, Score till next level, Score progress bar, and current boosters enabled. Well, the /stats command now includes kills and deaths. Remember: No can see your /stats. Your kills and deaths do not matter anyway! This is just to count up how many kills and deaths you have, if you ever want to know.

New Preview For /Stats:

New /TopStats Preview:
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Added two new OITC maps!

Just a heads up on how I have added two new One in the Chamber. These two maps are 'Dust 2' and 'Mirage' from the online game 'Counter-Strike:Global Offensive.' These two maps can hold up to 30 players because they are much bigger than the other 3 maps we have (which can hold up to 15 players). The minimum number to start any OITC (with a friend or other) is two players.

Dust 2 Preview:

Mirage Preview:

Comments and/or Concerns:
We added these maps just because. OITC can help improve your level (next to your rank), it can get you money each kill, and it's just an overall fun mini-game if you don't...
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What would you like changed about PvPFest?

As most of you know, PvPFest will be resetting. We are going to make a new map and spawn with a whole new shop. We just need your help with what you may want to see on the reset, map, kits, stats, ect. Note: We are aware you want more people, as so do I. Hopefully summer will help the server grow and I might have time off to get on MC more.

Current plugins on PvPFest:
• Levels (/stats)
• Boosters (related to /stats)
• Crates & Keys (/warp crates)
• Custom drop parties (/menu)
• Kill players for cash
• Vaults (/vault 1-#)
• Player shops (/shop <name>)
• Health bar below player name
• One In The Chamber (/menu)
• Clear Lag (removes entities every 10mins)
• Party bomb (related to drop parties; drops money)...
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Server is currently up right now. Sorry for the downtime and we hope the server don't go down again. The main reason it was down was just issues regarding, just about everything. (confused)

Note: We WILL be resetting PvPFest and Factions hopefully soon. We are hoping to get the server goin again once Summer is officially here (it still isn't Summer break in my area). Anyway, with that out the way, sorry again for the downtime and #keepergoin.

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Server is currently down right now. We'll see if we can get it back up. It's down right now due to various reasons, not for 'no reason.' Like I said, we'll try to get the server back up, but until then, it'll be down for a bit. I don't know how long 'a bit' is either.