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What can we do?
A few players that played Factions before we got rid of it said we should have Factions back. Before all the "xteams fans" say anything - let me just say everyone who voted xTeams does not play xTeams. xTeams isn't very known. A lot of servers may have Factions, but us adding "gold economy," "magic spells," "mob arena," and a few other plugins could help xTeams OR Factions popular. xTeams is overall dead (at least for Global).

Are we replacing xTeams with Factions AGAIN?
This answer is completely up to the players. The vote to get rid of Factions for xTeams was amazing [12 xTeam / 1 Faction] - but no one plays xTeams.... ever. Factions may have been dead, or maybe Global is just overall dead, but I personally find factions a lot more fun. Claiming, not as many "hackers" (x-rayers) in a way. I say get factions back with a smaller world border and actually RAID bases in a fun way, to prevent being...
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Magic spells on xTeams?
I've been working on spells for xTeams - each spell will cost mana and/or an item. Example) If a player wants to use a "Blind Spell" on an enemy, they must obviously have the "wand" out or the "blaze rod." Each spell I was thinking will cost gold ingots. If a player wants to use a spell they have learned (Setting up spell shop signs at soon to be /warp magic) will cost 2 gold ingots. The player must have 2 gold ingots each time he wants to cast a spell. When casted a spell, it will take the gold ingots out of the inventory right away. If the player has no more gold ingots left, it will not has the spell and warn the player it needs more to use the spell.

How do I see what spells I have learned?
Right clicking any blaze rod will scroll through a list of spells you currently have/learned.

Example of a spell shop sign:...
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I am working on /crate - I need help!
I plan on adding /crate to all servers (exclude creative) for players to BUY crates for in-game cash. Players will be able to "/crate info" for a list of crates available to buy. What crates should I create and worth buying for any prices. For example) PvPFest could have a "God Crate" worth $100 in-game cash to buy (how to buy?) "/buy crate (amount) (cratename) || /buy crate 1 god - this will automatically take the amount of money the crate is worth (it will tell you how much it cost) and you will receive a "crate" or a chest named. Right click the god crate that will be put into your inventory. This will open a GUI with items you have received. It is kinda like gambling - players can receive EXTRA items (for example) a full god set (10% chance) or just the BASIC "full diamond" - But this is just an example. IT WILL ALSO BROADCAST IN CHAT IF A PLAYER WINS A "RARE" CRATE DROP!

Example of a money crate I...
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The server is back up!
As some of you may or may not know, the server is back up. Sorry for misunderstanding on why the server was down; but everything should be back up and running fine!
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The server is currently down!
We are currently down boys and girls. Stick with us; the server should be up hopefully soon. So if you're one of the people that punch your computer screen because you think it's broken, please don't... it's just the server that's down. If you have harmed anything or anyone due to the server being down for a little bit, we do not take any responsibility. :D

★ Check out my YouTube:
I do my own editing and thumbnails. I plan on making videos whenever I have time!
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Allan's new youtube channel:
I just made a new youtube channel, and the final one. I had to make a new one because my other one had a strike and it lost a lot of privileges! I made a video and if you guys like what you see... feel free to subscribe to the new channel and I will continute to make videos (not just Minecraft.) I have a bunch of thumbnails of different games I have made; I will gladly do short videos on other games!

Subscribe Here:

First Video:
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What do you guys think of us adding magic spells to xTeams?
Magic spells will twist stuff up a little bit and make pvping more intense. Players will beable to LEARN and CAST spells with a stick in there hand and a certain item to use the spell. For example) 2 redstone to use 1 spell at a time. Each time you cast the spell, it will cost 2 redstone that you must have in your inventory. Adding magic spells will not be OP and players will actually have to earn the magic spells by earning in-game money. We will add a /warp magic to get a list of all the available spells.


Comments and/or concerns:
Tell us your thought by commenting. I think it will be a good idea and change stuff up a little bit and make it more different and unique.
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Mob arena is coming back!
For most of the skyblock players out their, you probably know we used to have mob arena for skyblock. It was kinda glitchy, but worked.. sorta. So whenever I have the time, I might re-add mob arena to skyblock for rewards from each wave complete. I'll make sure there is no glitches with it, such as item glitching out, invincible places to go in the arena, and make the mob arena as hard as possible.

Kit ideas?
If you have any kit suggestions, comment down below. If you're excited about mob arena coming back, leave feedback by liking this post and commenting your ideas!
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Skyblock has been reset!
As most of you know, skyblock was a super glitchy, but popular server; so we fixed it! There are still minor issues, but easy fixs. All of the skyblock commands that are enabled WORK! Please don't ask the staff ormyself for help! All you have to do is /island or /is and read everything! The new skyblock rules are the same as the old one. For example) resetting your island will reset your inventory and enderchest! (common sense.) So we advise the players to stick with one island or an island of their friends... because it would really suck to get kicked off and loose everything. But yeah, the new skyblock is up and should be working fine for the most part.
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Why reset skyblock?
The current skyblock plugin we use, the most popular skyblock plugin skyblock servers use, has been taken down or "abandoned." The plugin we use is uSkyblock. Like I said, a lot of servers use this. It was recently taken down and skyblock "permissions and/or commands" have been breaking. Regions are getting messed up, players can't remove other players off their island, pvp arenas are being made from the island regions messing up. So with this being said, skyblock may need to reset and a new plugin (I have found plenty.)

Proof uSkyblock has been taken down:
(finding other "ultimate skyblock" versions won't matter.)

No ranks will be lost! So without further ado; we may need a reset soon.. very soon. But it's a good thing! In the new skyblock we will be adding challenges to earn rewards and just...