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The title says it all. We added "/hub" available for all servers. This will just teleport you back to hub. In other words, players will no longer need to hunt for the portal in spawn or worry about it. Just use /hub to get to hub. The portal in spawns are still available, but /hub is just meant to save time and less hassle.
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Server IP?
If you are having issues connect to the IP, we are looking into the problem. Try 1.7, or 1.8, or direct connect, or just restarting your client quickly. If still nothing, sorry for this issue like I said; we are looking into the problem.
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Minecraft update!
Mojang have released an update that allows everyone to change their Minecraft name! However, players have lost their rank for the meantime. We are working on players who change their name to get everything over to that new account. For the meantime, please be patient about your rank. Thanks for understanding and sticking with Global.
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Now with bigger plots!
We recently made plots much bigger on Creative. Yes, Creative did reset and all warps and lots were lost, but it's always good to have a fresh restart on plots. Plus you can build much more on a plot. The plot sizes are 91x91 (uneven to the middle is 1x1 block instead of 2x2). Picture of the new plot size down below:

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PvP Arena now on Factions!
I recently added a PvP Arena onto Factions. To get it, all you have to do it "/warp pvp" and/or "pvp, click on the PvP Arena (blue wool)" and it will teleport you. Note: Any player that dies at the PvP Arena will NOT loose faction power! If you die in the arena, you will ONLY loose your inventory and your player head will drop so the victim can get your head. Picture of the PvP Arena is down below:

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What are more enchants?
Factions now has more custom enchants all players can randomly get in the enchant table (along with the other vanilla enchants). There are 15 custom enchants any player can get. Each custom enchant has levels just like other enchants. Example) A new enchant is "Ice Aspect" and you can either get this enchant level I or level II.

How do I get these enchants?
Any player has a chance to get these enchants on a regular enchantment table. Keep in mind: You must be level 20+ to get any of these enchants on your sword, pickaxe, bow, or armor. Players can get more than 1 enchant on 1 single enchant (all just depends on luck). You can only get these anvils in an enchantment table! Anvils/books will not work! Example of a custom enchant down below:

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New Skyblock Spawn!
Note: This spawn will be in a different world, so donors with /fly will not be-able to fly outside of the spawn or to other player island. This is a new world and nothing is in it. Just simply "/is" for more commands. Nothing will be lost! Just a quick note on a new Skyblock spawn we are getting. The spawn is MUCH bigger, more Skyblock/Island like, with huts (for villager trading), little villages (for shops), and a lot more little detail. Picture of the new Skyblock spawn down below:

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In-Game Buyable Kits:
- Added 'kit drugdealer' (Right click cactus to gain speed and jumpboost for 10 seconds with a 20 second cooldown. This kit also comes with a sharpness 1 stone sword and full inventory of soup.

In Premium Section:
- Removed 'kit terrorist' and replaced it with 'kit switcher'

In Elite Section:
- Moved 'kit switcher' to Premium and replaced it with 'kit fisherman'

In Platinum Section:
- Fixed 'kit luckyhit' (now has enchanted armor and soup)
- Replaced 'kit endermage' with 'kit jedi' (more info in-game)

Comments and/or Concerns:

Note: I may also add a "/kitprev (kitname)" that will open a GUI of...
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Adding OITC:
So I recently added One In The Chamber (OITC) to PvPFest for events. With OITC, it will keep track of Kills, Wins, "Coins," and Played. Each week we will try our best to host a game event. Each week we will also try our best to have a different map playable. To ever join an OITC game, just use /oitc (or /menu) and click on the blue wool that represents "One In The Chamber." This will automatically out you in a game. Each game will be-able to hold around 25-30 people, but a minimum of 2. Like I said, we can have this for events, or even as a mini-game (kinda like Mob Arena on Factions).

More about OITC:
- Each player gets the same items.
- Default stone sword if you run out of arrows.
- 1 Bow, 1 arrow on spawn.
- Kill people to get arrows.
- An arrow is a 1 hit kill from anywhere, any damage.
- Each player will get 8 lives (maybe...